• United States District Court for the District of Maryland
  • United States District Court for the District of Columbia
  • United States Supreme Court
  • Former Municipal Attorney
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • Licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia
  • Prince George’s County Bar Association
  • Maryland State Bar Association, Board of Governor 2018-2020
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association
  • Former Prince George’s County Office of Law, Assoc. Attorney
  • District of Columbia Bar Association
  • Former Supervising Attorney, Private Law Firm

Criminal Defense

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Being accused of a criminal offense is frightening and intimidating. Your liberty and fundamental constitutional rights are on the line. Both the short term and long-term consequences of a criminal offense can be overwhelming, and the government will use its vast resources to try and convict you.

You need an experienced attorney behind you to help level the playing field. One who is trial tested and will fight for you every step of the way. One who truly cares and will not give up. David Grover is that attorney.


Serious Traffic Defense

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Being arrested for a serious traffic offense, DWI, or DUI in the state of Maryland can be a confusing, terrifying, and embarrassing experience for anyone. A conviction can result in a significant amount of court-imposed penalties such as court costs, fines, loss of driving privileges, and the cost of supervision. A conviction can also result in numerous consequences to other aspects of your life, such as damage to both career or educational opportunities as well as increased car insurance rates.

With expert negotiating skills and vast trial experience, we will take on the fight to ensure you are getting the best possible results.

Personal Injury

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The effects of a personal injury on a person’s life can be anything from frustrating and heartbreaking to completely debilitating.

He or she may have to witness someone they love in pain and suffering or may themselves be faced with the inability to work and the possibility of losing their income because of someone else’s negligent or reckless actions. Due to the subsequent physical pain and financial stress, the thought of having to find a competent Maryland personal injury lawyer might feel like the last straw.

However, without the right representation, many people never take their case as far as they should, and they end up settling for a substantially lower amount than what they are owed. At David Grover Law the client is the main concern and delivering results that provide you the assistance needed to deal with your injury is our priority.

Family Law

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There is little in life as difficult as realizing your family situation and relationships are not working. The decision to hire an attorney often takes years of attempted mends and a great deal of self-reflection before finally deciding to file or defend a family court case.

At David Grover Law, we understand the inherent complexity in such matters and offer meaningful legal guidance. With decades of crucial experience in family law proceedings, we know the case law thoroughly and are comfortable at reaching resolutions both inside and outside the courtroom.

At times, courtroom litigation is unavoidable. In such circumstances, we leverage our experience to our clients’ benefit and assert their rights and interests at every step.

Based in Montgomery County, we serve the people of Maryland, and we are always prepared to help.  Our firm provides skilled, results-oriented representation for spouses entering divorce proceedings or facing any other type of family law matter.


  • David Grover is an excellent Attorney. He handled my criminal matter in a very efficient manner, providing me with constant information as to how the case was proceeding. He was very detailed oriented and attentive to my case. He fought hard for me to obtain a great disposition resulting in no period of incarceration and ultimately, no conviction on my record.

    Kurt L.
    June 2018

  • Mr. Grover was extremely thorough in the handling of my serious traffic matter(s), providing me with constant updates. He was properly prepared for the trial on the Court date and many steps ahead of the Prosecution, resulting in a lesser charge with no period of incarceration for me. His attentiveness to detail was truly impressive.

    Jacob A.
    January, 2019

  • I came to Mr. Grover for a highly contested Divorce matter against my ex-wife. Both the Attorney and my ex-wife were relentless throughout the entire proceeding, however, Mr. Grover never backed down and was successful in obtaining a great result for me. He provided me with all the detailed information about my case from start to finish. This type of legal representation gave me great assurance that I was properly represented.

    David J.
    September 2019

  • David Grover was my Attorney for my Personal Injury case as a result of a 500 lb. set of doors falling on my body. He was able to settle the matter with a large sum of money despite the contentions of the Store owner that I was responsible for the injuries I received. His attention to all the details of the case and keeping me informed was second to none. It was, as if he had no other cases to work on during the period of time he was representing me.

    Heather F.
    May 2017

David Grover Law

David Grover Law is a criminal defense, serious traffic, family and personal injury law firm serving clients in Montgomery County, MD, and surrounding counties. David Grover is a caring and dedicated advocate who works tirelessly to ensure his clients are receiving the best possible outcome.

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